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  • Doing Digital History

    Doing Digital History

    What is Digital History? We are living in a time in which teaching and learning is increasingly practiced through digital media. Is this simply history, done digitally? Or is there a fundamental shift happening in the way historians study and interpret the past? This course attempts to unpack this question.Through readings, discussions, and workshops, students […]

  • Mapping and Modeling Historical Environments

    Mapping and Modeling Historical Environments

    How can digital maps and 3D models help us to understand the past? What are the theories that inform the use, methods, and impact of 3D technologies, and what are the implications for scholarship? In this course, students explore the use of digital methodologies for the spatial modeling of historical places and events. Critical issues […]

  • Introduction to Digital Humanities

    Introduction to Digital Humanities

    This graduate seminar is designed to introduce students to the theories and methods of the digital humanities, with particular emphasis on digital history. We begin with an overview of DH from its roots post-WWII to the present, and proceed to the emerging practices, theoretical underpinnings and disciplinary paradigms of the young field. In keeping with […]